Online Physiologic Birth Training for Doulas – FEBRUARY 28, 2023

February 28

Time 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST
Instructor Sarah Lavonne
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Are you a birth worker or doula and wish you had more tools & strategies to help your clients achieve a vaginal birth? We’ve all seen the “experienced” nurse pull tricks out of their hats to help get the baby lower or help get the patient to complete… but has anyone ever taught you how and why they work? What about malpositions? Do you know how to strategically get the baby rotated?

We got you! We believe that YOU make an invaluable impact on the families you care for and deserve to have all the tools to help give them the best labor experience possible, with the best outcomes. 

We are committed to helping you learn in a fun, interactive way that gives you practical tools you can apply TOMORROW with your clients!

This workshop will provide you with 8 CEs from the California BRN that may apply to your doula certification.

This 8-hour workshop is designed for birth doulas working & practicing in the inpatient hospital setting. It will provide information necessary to help promote physiologic birth and/or interact with various labor patterns/interruptions through nonpharmacological options. This course promotes birth as a normal, physiologic process for the majority of birthing people, but recognizes that there are common interruptions in the birth process that can have an impact on the ultimate mode of delivery. Upon successful completion of the workshop, the participant will be able to support and better facilitate physiologic birth to meet the desires of the laboring people and accomplish a vaginal birth.

This workshop will be presented through multiple activities, hands-on practice, lecture, visuals, models, and discussion. Training includes workbook + other fun supplies (sent via snail mail) to help assist your learning!

Some topics we will cover: Anatomy/physiology of physiologic birth, supporting hormones of labor, pelvic floor, the pelvis, strategic positions for labor, asynclitism, OP, labor dystocia, arrest of descent, trauma-informed care, legal/ethics, closed- knee pushing, case studies and therapeutic communication strategies for working with the hospital team.

*If you are an L&D Nurse or OB Provider, we suggest you take one of our classes for Nurses, not this class. This class is designed for non-clinical personnel.

  • Set aside the day to learn! You’ll want to limit distractions so you don’t miss it!
  • On-call? No worries I totally get it! If you have a client in (or goes into) labor it will be recorded!
  • Wait for your workbook + other fun supplies (sent via snail mail) to help assist you in learning!
  • Find the email with the class link and directions (send close to the class date)
  • Log on and let’s do this!

Come comfy, tune in from another country, and take it with a friend or by yourself! Flex & flow 🙂

***We will ship you your class supplies 1 month prior to your class date. Depending on your location, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your supplies. You are responsible to email us any address changes prior to that date. Any registrations taking place less than 2 weeks prior to a class date may not receive their supplies in time for the class. Just bring a notepad! Sarah will accommodate you and you won’t miss anything.

All attendees must register for their own tickets. Sliding scale/scholarships are available here.

Sarah Lavonne

Your Instructor

Sarah Lavonne

Founder, CEO, RNC-OB, BSN, PHN, CLEC, ICCE With a vision to unite patients, support persons and medical personnel together through education and support, Sarah and her team have fearlessly developed a community of learning and inspiration across labor and delivery field. Sarah has held various roles in nursing from floor nurse, peer mentor (educating and mentoring nurses as they came off orientation), childbirth educator and manager, before she built Bundle Birth. Driven by a mission to empower people to live their best lives in and outside of work, Sarah is best known for inspiring and equipping nurses to provide unconventional nursing care that changes the world. A pioneer in nursing education, Sarah Lavonne is the founder & CEO at Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation.

This class was truly amazing... every single labor/delivery staff should take it. I am looking forward to bringing all its knowledge to my practice!! Thank you sooo so very much.


Wow ! This class was amazing and gave me all the feels. I’m so excited to add some new techniques to my toolbox to continue to support women in labor . I really loved how this class was taught , it was exciting and engaging, and the visuals gave me LIFE!


This class is exactly what I needed. I've been a L&D nurse for 10 years and I was never taught how to physiologically support birth. I feel like I have so many tools now to aid my patients. Sarah was an amazing instructor. I loved Sarah's enthusiasm and personality. She made learning fun.


I liked how the class touched on everything that could be faced with postpartum breastfeeding education. Teaching empowering moms and supporting decisions

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